Tie The Knot!

In celebration of tieing the knot, here are several of our knotted invitations to help our brides with their nautical themes! Adding a knot is a cool way to accessorize your stationery and a modern way to visually add meaning into the design. 

Besides being absolutely in love with this color scheme, the knot plays as a centerpiece on this invitation. The guests also get an immediate idea that this wedding is nautical with just the knot and the play on words to hint to that theme.

Here’s a 3 fold invitation with classic, simple Cape Cod beauty in the design which the knot plays off of with its sheer ribbon. The knot, the font, and the colors let us know it will be an elegant affair to be remembered. 



Why KNOT put your knots in the design of your staitionery? This will easily make a great border to frame the information you need on your invites, while being a fun way to  hint to your nautical theme! 

All these knots are making us want to set sail to help you with your wedding! Get a head start on your wedding planning by looking at our Etsy shop here or making an appointment with us! Find all of the information to set up your appointment to design your staitonery with us on our website

Happy Wedding Planning!!!

~Sarah, Dulce Press

Falling For Autumn!

(Photo Sources- Top Left: Dulce Press, Top Right: The Pink Polka Dot, Bottom Left: Verde Floral Design, Bottom Right: Artisan Bake Shop )

Crisp leaves, unending colors, cool wind, warm tones. Autumn is here! Although we adore the fun, nautical weddings of the summer, we love changing things up with lovely autumn stationery too! Fall weddings are gorgeous with the multi color hues of orange, red, brown and green! Here are some fantastic ideas for your fall wedding! Family and friends will be in awe of your great fall style!

Happy Wedding Planning!

~Sarah, Dulce Press

Seeing Stars ~ Wedding Stationery

Dulce Press is seeing stars! …well, starfish that is! Starfish are beautiful in a design or the perfect touch to complement your stationery. Here’s a couple ways to integrate them into your stationery!

 This pocket fold invitation looks stunning! With the light, beachy colors we feel like we can almost dip our toes in the sand! In this case, the starfish is an excellent way to bring the whole look of your invitation together! 


Here’s a perfect example of starfish in a simple design. Greens and blues are a fun color pallette for a wedding and the pearl makes it so pretty! 


Tie starfish to your place cards! What’s fun about this idea is that your guests can keep them as a memento to remember the day and hang them as a decoration for the house or a Christmas ornament!

Starfish are lovely and a lot of fun to have as decor for your wedding. Here at Dulce Press we love to work with starfish because the end product is always stunning! You can find more examples of our work with starfish on it on our website or at our Etsy shop!

Happy Wedding Planning!

~Sarah, Dulce Press

Minty Fresh Wedding Style

(Photo Sources- Top Left: Dulce Press, Top Right: Cape Celebrations, Bottom Left: ShoreShotz Photography, Bottom Right: Cake & Islands )

A nautical mint theme is always a fresh feel for the atmosphere of your wedding. In a beach wedding, a mint or ombre blue/green color scheme compliments the hues of the ocean in a beautiful way. Always give thought into the way your colors integrate and work with your overall theme. Dulce Press will work with your color scheme to make beautiful stationery for your wedding. Programs, menus, table numbers, and place cards are just some of a few things we will create for you to make your ceremony and reception stand out from the rest! Check out our website at DulcePress.com and our Etsy Shop for more wedding inspiration!

Happy Wedding Planning!

~Sarah, Dulce Press 

Whimsical Fonts!

Fonts! So many to choose from, but so little time! We’re here to help with this tough decision and show you a of couple ways Dulce Press likes to make your invitations memorable with great use of creative fonts! 


This invitation mixes a bold font with a soft and sweet font. The contrast is fun, yet still readable and flows together nicely. 


This invitation has multiple fonts in it and it looks amazing! Mixing and matching fonts is playful and looks lovely in the finished product. 

The outside of the invitation is just as important as the inside and added detail to bring the piece all together is always noticed by guests. This font uses all of the given space and looks incredible with classic taste and sleek design. 


Here is another mix of fonts, but with a totally different collection of styles. These fonts draw the eye in a tasteful way and allow the rest of the invitation to be minimal.


Who doesn’t love glitter!? Glitter comes in a variety of colors and can enhance the emotion of the invitation depending on which one you choose! Make your invitation sparkle and shine!

Making your invitation is a lot of fun, but also requires intentional thought with color, design and fonts. Be creative and always show your personality with what you choose! No matter what, Dulce Press will make sure the product is incredible and reflects your vision for your wedding!

Happy Wedding Planning!

~Sarah, Dulce Press


Destination Wedding!

Destination Weddings are so special and such a fun way to have an intimate setting for your perfect day! More and more couples are choosing destination weddings and of course they need great stationery to complement their spectacular venue choice! Dulce Press would be happy to help wherever you’re headed! Here are some designs that would be perfect for your destination wedding!


Here’s a custom save the date we made recently for a destination wedding. The design looks just like a luggage tag! How perfect is that?!


Feeling tropical? Start to feel the warm breeze along the shore with this design. This invitation has us dying to hit the beach and relax and we know your guests will feel the same!


Going to another state or even country for yor wedding? Everyone loves a lovely silhouette. A heart marks the spot of your big day which also might help your guests with traveling plans too! 

We hope this helps you with some ideas for your wedding! Remember, if you can think of a design, we will do our best to make that idea become an amazing part of your wedding. All designs are always customizeable! We are here to make YOU absolutely amazed! 

Remember to visit Dulce Press on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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Happy Wedding Planning and Happy Travels!

~Sarah, Dulce Press

Bon Appetit! ~ Reception Style

(Photo Sources- Top Left: Dulce Press, Top Right: Cape Cod Celebratons, Bottom Left: The Chocolate Rose, Bottom Right: Verde Floral Design)

Keep your reception colorful and full of fun with soft hues that make a BIG statement! Dulce Press will take care of your stationery with wonderful menus and place cards to play perfectly to your color scheme and theme! Every small detail is important to us. We will make sure the end product is stunning and something that won’t go unnoticed! 

Happy Wedding Planning!

~Sarah, Dulce Press

Sail Away With Me ~ Invitations

There’s no better place to get married then next to the sea! What if you arranged to get married on the sea?! Either way, set sail full speed ahead to your wedding day by adding a nautical touch to your invites! Here’s a few styles to think about when selecting your stationery with fun sailboats on them. 


How about a simple design with a navy border to put the wind in your sails? Shop this design here!

Here’s a more colorful statement to add to your invitations with a classy style to it. Shop this invitation here

Pink and blue is the perfect color combination for a fun nautical wedding! Here is a fun design that you can shop right now! 

Cool off by catching some waves at the beach as you plan your wedding! Dulce Press is always ready to help with your stationery needs as you get ready for your day!

Happy Wedding Planning!

Sarah ~ Dulce Press

A Bit of Local Charm!

Summer is almost here! (2 more days) Woohoo! When summer comes around in Massachusetts, so do the tourists! Why not show some of your wedding guests from out-of-state a little bit of the local charm The Bay State has to offer in your stationery! 


Town signs are a great touch to any Cape Cod wedding and such a wonderful way to showcase what makes this area so special! Have every table at your wedding be a different town to make a fun way for your guests to get to know the Cape better. Shop this design here!


When your friends and family come to visit the Cape for your wedding, why not show them your favorite spots to go to?! If they spend the weekend here, they can have fun going to all of your most memorable spots! Shop this design here


Feature the area where your getting married on your stationery! The Cape and Islands are designed tastefully when featured on invitations and are a unique way to show the Cape, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket in a colorful way. Shop the Cape invitation here! Shop the Martha’s Vineyard invitation here! Shop the Nantucket invitation here!

Remember to check out our website and shop on Etsy for more styles and ideas! You can also find us on FacebookPinterest and Twitter!

Happy Wedding Planning!

~ Sarah, Dulce Press

Add a Little Something Extra!

Sometimes your stationery could use a little something more to really make it stand out from the rest! When you customize your stationery with Dulce Press, you have all of the creative freedom you would like, which means you can add a little more personal touch to make everything look really special! Here are some ideas to think about.


Don’t sweat the heat on your wedding day! This program has a woven fan attatched for all of your friends and family to enjoy the ceremony in comfort. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness too! Perfect for those summer days!


Add a little charm that matches the design from your stationery! This invitation has a compass tied to the ribbon to give it a little extra something to catch your eye! 


This couple added a pinwheel to complete the look of their menu and it couldn’t be any cuter to complement the theme of their wedding!


Starfish are always a beautiful way to accessorize your stationery. In this save the date, the starfish pairs nicely with the colors on the deign as well as the textured paper. 


Lastly, sand dollars are simple, but lovely when used on stationery, or tied to it like on this table card. Guests can also take this home as a memento of your wedding; a day no one will forget!

Dulce Press accomodates your stationery for all these ideas and more! We love creativity so don’t hesitate to show us your ideas!

Happy Wedding Planning!

~Sarah, Dulce Press