Whimsical Fonts!

Fonts! So many to choose from, but so little time! We’re here to help with this tough decision and show you a of couple ways Dulce Press likes to make your invitations memorable with great use of creative fonts! 


This invitation mixes a bold font with a soft and sweet font. The contrast is fun, yet still readable and flows together nicely. 


This invitation has multiple fonts in it and it looks amazing! Mixing and matching fonts is playful and looks lovely in the finished product. 

The outside of the invitation is just as important as the inside and added detail to bring the piece all together is always noticed by guests. This font uses all of the given space and looks incredible with classic taste and sleek design. 


Here is another mix of fonts, but with a totally different collection of styles. These fonts draw the eye in a tasteful way and allow the rest of the invitation to be minimal.


Who doesn’t love glitter!? Glitter comes in a variety of colors and can enhance the emotion of the invitation depending on which one you choose! Make your invitation sparkle and shine!

Making your invitation is a lot of fun, but also requires intentional thought with color, design and fonts. Be creative and always show your personality with what you choose! No matter what, Dulce Press will make sure the product is incredible and reflects your vision for your wedding!

Happy Wedding Planning!

~Sarah, Dulce Press


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