Add a Little Something Extra!

Sometimes your stationery could use a little something more to really make it stand out from the rest! When you customize your stationery with Dulce Press, you have all of the creative freedom you would like, which means you can add a little more personal touch to make everything look really special! Here are some ideas to think about.


Don’t sweat the heat on your wedding day! This program has a woven fan attatched for all of your friends and family to enjoy the ceremony in comfort. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness too! Perfect for those summer days!


Add a little charm that matches the design from your stationery! This invitation has a compass tied to the ribbon to give it a little extra something to catch your eye! 


This couple added a pinwheel to complete the look of their menu and it couldn’t be any cuter to complement the theme of their wedding!


Starfish are always a beautiful way to accessorize your stationery. In this save the date, the starfish pairs nicely with the colors on the deign as well as the textured paper. 


Lastly, sand dollars are simple, but lovely when used on stationery, or tied to it like on this table card. Guests can also take this home as a memento of your wedding; a day no one will forget!

Dulce Press accomodates your stationery for all these ideas and more! We love creativity so don’t hesitate to show us your ideas!

Happy Wedding Planning!

~Sarah, Dulce Press


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